You’re Not Alone: 39% Of Film Industry Professionals Pirate Content


The next time you’re told that you’re wrong in pirating content, you’re apparently not alone: so do a significant number of people in the film industry.

According to the results of a survey from Stephen Follows (reported by TorrentFreak) 39% of film industry professions pirate film and television content.

Follows told Torrent Freak:

“Many of the decisions in the film business are based on gut, opinion and gossip so I find it fascinating to research the topics and see what the numbers say.”

“Piracy seemed like a ready topic to research so I added a few question into a survey I ran of 1,235 film industry professionals. The respondents were all people who had been to one of the three major films markets in the past five years – Cannes, Berlin or the American film Market.”

Whether it’s ironic, or simply logical that given a closed shop of old media continues to limit legal and fair access to content was not discussed in the article.

Reports of massive downloads of Game of Thrones in the last day once again prove that the problem isn’t that people want to steal content, vs the real problem that legal outlets to watch content are neither unavailable, or not affordable.

The fact that over one third of the film industry itself pirates content should be a wake up call to the industry that its models are broken, and that they need to do more to facilitate legal options to access content.

(Image credit: HBO.)



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