Manchester United’s Robin Van Persie Uploads Recovery Video To Facebook

Robin Van Persie - Facebook Injury Update

Manchester United striker Robin van Persie scored a hat-trick in his teams win over Olympiakos in the Champions League in March. During that match he was injured and carried off the surface at Old Trafford.

With Brazil 2014 right around the corner, the superstar striker is now undergoing intense rehabilitation.

To ease the fear of his fans RVP has uploaded a workout video to Facebook. In the video he lifts weights and then sprints on a trampoline.

While Robin van Persie still has not been cleared to play, it appears on the surface that his injury is healing on-time.

Here’s Persie’s rehabilitation video:

With more than 16,300 fans LIKING the post over the last day, it is obvious that RVP’s fans want him back on the pitch and ready to play in Brazil.

In the meantime, Persie appears to be in good spirits, as he regularly updates his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Are you ready to see Robin van Persie back on the pitch for Brazil 2014?

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