Hipster Business Insider Writer Mugged For Google Glass, Then Advocates For Thieves


A writer at tech site Business Insider has been mugged for wearing Google Glass, then has actually written a long defense of his mugger.

Kyle Russell, who from his Business Insider bio photo appears to be 12 or 13, “covers Apple, enterprise startups, semiconductor chip makers, and cloud software from Business Insider’s West Coast bureau in San Francisco, California.”

Russell was covering a group of anti-technology hippies protestors who were protesting outside the house of a Google executive, another of many recent protests in the Bay City against Google, and other tech companies who are accused of making places better gentrification.

Following his coverage for BI, he placed his Google Glasses on, only to find that it made him the target of a mugger.

Mindlessly, I put on Google Glass instead of squeezing it in with the rest of my things…The aforementioned colleague and I were on our way to the 16th Street BART station — I’ll note that I wasn’t using any device at the time — when a person put their hand on my face and yelled, “Glass!”

In an instant the person was sprinting away, Google Glass in hand.

One would think that a writer for a site called “Business Insider” may have rightfully noted that being mugged is a bad thing, but apparently that’s not cool man that’s not the case here.

Instead of highlighting the stupidity of being mugged for wearing Google Glass (yes, we’ve noted here previously on how it makes you look) and noting that anti-tech protesters are a lost cause fighting a lost battle, instead Russell actually started justifying being mugged.

People are being evicted or priced out of their homes. What’s the difference between losing your home and having property destroyed? ….I can see why the person who smashed my Glass did what they did….

The individual who smashed my Google Glass on Friday — because of political beliefs or a personal impact that has been made by the tech industry — felt that it was appropriate to destroy my personal property in protest against what I seemed to stand for, based on my appearance….Something clearly needs to be done to address rising housing costs and gentrification in the city — people on all sides are being forced from their homes and made to feel unsafe on the streets and on their commutes to and from work.

If some of the above is selective editing, so was Russell’s glib, hipster response to a pathetic crime by modern day luddites.

The post on Business Insider trended strongly on tech blog tracking site Techmeme, as well as being widely shared on Twitter and Facebook.

(Image credit: Business Insider.)



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