Young Fan Has Panic Attack While Meeting Adam Levine, What Happens Next Will Surprise You [Video]

Adam Levine

One young fan had the surprise of his life after getting to meet Adam Levine and other members of Maroon 5. Christopher Warner might be Adam Levine’s youngest fan. The 10-year-old, who suffers from Down Syndrome, completes his school work everyday with the reward of listening to Maroon 5’s music. Warner’s special education teacher, Avery Stanert at West Friendship Elementary School decided to make a video to show everyone just how much of an impact Maroon 5 has on the little boy. In the video below, Warner creates a project about his favorite band. The video quickly went viral and was picked up by a popular radio show, The Kane Show.

The radio show hooked Warner up with concert tickets and backstage passes to meet his idol. When the big moment came, Warner was so excited by the moment, he suffers a panic attack and curls up on the floor with his mother.

Adam Levine and his fellow band members handled the situation perfectly. Instead of trying to get Warner to get up and take pictures, the guys laid down on the floor with him until he could calm down.

The unique meet and greet story has gone viral and has been picked up by popular media outlets, such as the Ryan Seacrest show.

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