Yahoo Finance to Integrate Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Trading

With Yahoo Finance opening its doors to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, investors have a smile on their face that would simply not go away. Anthony Pompliano, the founder, and partner of Morgan Creek Digital’s recently tweeted that Yahoo Finance has finally integrated Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin core in their trading platform and that the virus is spreading. The decision to bring cryptocurrency into Yahoo Finance was long overdue, especially with digital currencies establishing a stronger ground every passing day. Anthony was one of the enthusiasts who wanted this event as it would be a massive boost for mass cryptocurrency adoption. However, the system is only applicable on iOS mobile phones but Yahoo Finance will soon roll out the platform to other operating systems as well.

The introduction of Bitcoin Trader and other cryptocurrency trading platforms has had a positive impact on the daily traders because trading can now be done on-the-go. Although Yahoo Finance has existed for more than two decades now, it never really paid attention to the digital currency trading. But with the emergence of Bitcoins and the popularity of cryptocurrency, Yahoo Finance has finally had a glimpse of what the other world of currency trading looks like.

The staggering price points

Yahoo Finance has kept its user-interface for digital currencies quite simple for everyone. Users can get updated statistics whenever they are using the cryptocurrency platform. Details of the top digital currencies like Ethereum Classic, EOS, and Bitcoin Cash are readily available but they have not enabled the option to buy and sell currencies on this platform.

As per the recent reports, Bitcoin Cash continues to reach a high price point of $7000. The Bitcoin price index of Cointelegraph compared the data and it was found that Bitcoin Cash was able to break the threshold of $7000 on August 28, reaching an all-time high of $7043. This was only the press time data that was presented. ETH, on the other hand, traded around $290 at press time. It was significantly down by 1.36% in the last 24 hours, something that saw a negligible price change as a consequence of the faltering percentage. However, ETH did manage to up the ante by seeing a major upswing in their price performance that pushed the range to $270-280.

Focus on Litecoins

Although Litecoins often get overlooked because of the high popularity of Bitcoins and then by Ethereum that no one noticed that LTC has been trading around $62 that was already 1.74$ down for the day. As per the CoinMarketCap, LTC has a total market capitalization of almost $3.6 billion while the total trading volume that took place in the last 24 hours had already crossed $222 million. As promised, Yahoo will open its cryptocurrency exchange but not before April 2019. The Japanese arm of Yahoo has declared that Yahoo Japan will be buying 40% of the BitARG Exchange Tokyo that is about to start in April. They would immediately dispatch top executives so that the foundation of the exchange that is going to be launched can be done a year later.


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