WWE Reality Show Revived By USA Network

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WWE’s Tough Enough reality show is being given a second life, thanks to the USA Network. The show, which first aired in 2011, features contestants competing for a WWE contract. The show has had five successful seasons, so it only makes sense to revive the show. Tough Enough was set to return last year, but was postponed due to budget cuts. It looks like the network found the money somewhere.

According to Digital Spy, USA Network president Chris McCumber says the channel is excited for the future of the WWE.

[Photo credit: WWE]
“I am pleased to announce that USA is bringing back Tough Enough, the action-packed competition reality show from the ratings juggernaut, WWE.”

McCumber continues: “The show will have a completely new format, with live elements that will truly make this event television. After signing another multi-year deal for Raw and SmackDown, this is the perfect time to bring back the series and capitalise on the enormous audience appeal of sports-entertainment.”

The USA Network also airs WWE’s main wrestling shows, Raw and Smackdown. Both shows are highly watched and bring in big ratings for the channel.

Steve Austin
[Photo credit: WWE]
Tough Enough will return with its original host and wrestling legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The WWE is one of the most successful sports entertainment franchises in the world.

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