Christmas Ornaments That Do Not Belong On Anybody’s Xmas Tree


One of our favorite parts about Xmas is trimming the tree. But c’mon –  even that has a line that you just don’t cross!

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Our ornaments – have rich history behind them. They are mostly based off of fond reminiscences, with each one having a teary-eyed fable behind it.

Each year, we secure a little mental time to recall where each ornament is from, whether it’s bauble from a vacation or a craft from childhood. Still … there are some Xmas ornaments, that do not qualify to be on any tree—anywhere. Period.

via Mashable; Beginning to catch our drift? Who would even..

Take this one, below. At first glance, it appears cute n’ fuzzy! A jubilant mouse celebrating the merry holiday season. But then, when you look closer, you realize . . . that the damn mouse is sitting on a mousetrap and the moment he reaches for that berry his furry butt is going to meet Yeshua, for real! Poor mousey. Now you see, death-baiting traps suspended on Christmas trees are just not that festive (well, to us at least, ha).

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Now – below, are those clowns or two snowmen and an elf? Either way, this trio of nightmarish ornaments would freak us out every time we glanced at the Christmas tree! Maybe they’re historic somehow or something, but even if let’s just leave the history where it belongs (in the past).

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We could go all day with this, as you see. Though breakfast’s a calling … thereby, below check out a few more off-the-wall Xmas ornaments that should be on nobody’s tree. And, we do mean nobody.

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