Be Extra ASF This Holiday Season With This Xmas Tree Costume


Has your family hesitated in putting up the Christmas tree early? No problemo.

Perhaps, this is the perfect opportunity to procure a gigantic Christmas tree costume with gift box feet!

Now, you see why Santa was looking like that!; Photo: Amazon

Don’t be bummed that Halloween is over, because we have an exciting new retail item just for you.

Walmart is presently offering a six-foot-high, dimensional Xmas tree costume, in tact with present-shaped footgear just in case you felt like being extra asf this year. The polyester tree is piped out with a tinsel, red ball ornaments, and a glimmering star tree topper of course.

$59.99 is what it’s going for right now – which, may sound like a pretty penny for a trinket costume until you begin to ponder on all of the possibilities that come with it: embarrassing your kids, winning costume contests, donning it to holiday parties. All of a sudden, light-up Christmas necklaces and unsightly Christmas sweaters seem bland in comparison!

via Pinterest; He’s ‘blown away’ by this

December 25, quiet as kept, was originally a pagan celebration. No human knows when Jesus of Nazareth was born and no one celebrated his birthday until hundreds of years later. December 25th was co-elected from pagan rites linked with the winter solstice.

Something else interesting about the Xmas holiday – is that Santa Claus originated from an newspaper ad! Far from being a nonmodern medieval fable, Santa Claus initially appeared as a distinctive entity in a newspaper advertisement for “gift books” and toys in the mid 19th century.

Eggnog – please, drink responsibly; Photo: Gifer


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