World Landmarks Turn Red In Solidarity With Istanbul


It has only been less than a day since the terrorist attacks in Istanbul. More than 41 people were killed, as well as 147 wounded from the suicide bombings at the Attaturk Airport.

From Amsterdam to Australia, landmarks across the world were light up in red and white in solidarity of Istanbul. In Germany, the  Brandenburg Gate proudly bore the Turkish colors on its facade.

In Amsterdam, the Royal Palace likewise was lit up with Istanbul’s flag.

In Bosnia, the 16th century Ottoman bridge in Mostar was bathed in red light with Istanbul’s crescent and star floating above the water.

The tower of Melbourne’s Arts Centre was also lit up in red for Istanbul.

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to receive the same treatment at 11pm, but the decision was postponed at the last minute “following a concern”.

Journalists have noted that despite the outpouring of concern for similar terrorist attacks in Paris and Belgium, there has been a relative silence for the tragedy in Istanbul. Banksy himself tweeted this illustration that summed up the empathy gap all too pointedly well.

A Facebook post written by James Taylor went viral and reminded people to take a critical look at the disparity of sympathy and empathy for countries like Turkey, and n this case, Istanbul.

“If these people were instead the people you see every day on your way to work, people just like you and I, normal, happy people,” he writes. “Families, policemen, students, artists, couples. Your friends maybe. These people are no different. They just happen to be Turkish.”

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