Make a Wish With These Wookiee Disney Princesses


A dream is a wish your Wookiee makes, when you”re fast asleep… 

Isn’t that how the song went? No? Well, you’ll certainly change your tune once you feast your eyes on these adorable Wookiee Disney princesses. To be quite honest, we’re not quite sure what a female Wookiee looks like, but we’re loving these radiantly royal versions on Instagram. (And take it from Han Solo: “It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee.” )

The website Obsev teamed up with Los Angeles-based artist Michael Nozinich, aka, thewizardofnoz, to bring us these gorgeously-tressed, cuddly beauties. The Force is Disney-rifically strong in this mashup.

Wild, ginger hair flying free in the wind? Check. Free-spirited nature? Check. Crossbow? Check. It’s a perfect match!

If having a full-sized Bengal tiger the first time wasn’t enough, maybe her intrepid suitors might think twice before approaching this Princess Jasmine’s Rajah.

I think I see Wicket among them. Rather perfect to cast Ewoks as the seven dwarves, no?

Not gonna lie: if Belle had turned into a Wookiee at the end of the movie, we’d be totally cool with that, too.

Wookiee Ariel makes us ponder: How does all that fur move in the water? Is it hydrodynamic? How does she rock that purple clam bustierre so well?

With all these adorably furry Wookiee princesses, Mr. Wizardofnoz, we think congratulations and merchandise are in order. How about a special customized Disney Wookiee Princess Coloring Book? We’d totally buy that in a heartbeat.

Images courtesy of thewizardofnoz
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