Turn Your Instagram Shots Into a Coloring Book, Because You Can


Justin Bieber is currently enjoying some coloring quiet time, and this old-new adultified pastime is getting a little more love online. Granted, this may not be for everyone, but there’s sure to be a coloring book for every one who wants to give it a try. From super-intricate illustrations to fandoms to even pretty, pretty calligraphy swear words,  there’s bound to be a themed book that will get your coloring juices flowing.

cover_photo_custom_coloring_book_largeOr, you could always just say “meh” to all that and just color your own Instagram shots.

The $25 Color Me Book was created by Corey Will. “I personally love adult coloring books and have been using them for about a year now,” Cory Will, Creator of Color Me Book, shared with BuzzFeed. “I thought it would be awesome to upload photos and make my own personalized adult coloring book. I was shocked I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I reached out to a friend who runs a print shop in Los Angeles to see if he could make them for me. When I showed some friends, they wanted to order their own. So I decided to build a website to see what kind of response we would get.”


For just $25, you get to pick and upload five of your Insta-masterpieces onto the site. These pictures are then hand-traced and printed out on paper and given a really nice cover. Order one copy to keep for yourself or give to a friend, or order a ton of copies for a party or an event.

“The reaction so far has been incredible,” Will explains. “We launched less than a week ago and have already received orders from the US, Australia, and the UK, bulk orders for events, and wholesale inquiries.”

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