The New Deadpool Commercials Are Rollickingly Hilarious

new Deadpool commercials

Deadpool defied a lot of superhero movie stereotypes when it came out in theaters a few months ago and the new Deadpool commercials are going back to the theme of the odd superhero. The film was one of the first superhero movies that was actually funny instead of the painfully scripted punchlines that we’re used to in these kinds of movies. It was also the first film that was intended for adult audiences, which made it pretty badass.

Now that the movie is coming out on blue-ray and DVD they’ve started a few new ad campaigns to promote the release and you might have guessed but the new Deadpool commercials are just as hilarious as the film was and they’re just another thing that this franchise is doing right. The film will be released on dvd on May 10th so be sure to mark your calendars for the day or reserve it online, the film already occupies one of the top spots in Apple TVs paid movies.

Here’s one where they did a new take on the typical commercial for an erectile dysfunction pill that we’ve all seen. Instead the miracle pill, they suggest you have a Deadpool to take your problems away

“This is a different kind of superhero story” is pretty much the Deadpool catchphrase.

Twitter is getting pumped up about the release too.

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