Woody Harrelson Just Realized Liam Hemsworth Was Related To Chris Hemsworth, Watch The Epiphany [Video]

woody harrelson and liam hemsworth

Honestly, never put that together.

Apparently, working on The Hunger Games for three movies with Liam Hemsworth was not long enough for Woody Harrelson to know who his other famous family memebrs are. Like Liam’s brother, Chris Hemsworth, who was just given the Sexiest Man In The World title. Is Woody living under a rock?

Okay, maybe we can give Woody Harrelson some slack since the interview that his ephipahy took place was a year ago. Hilarious reactions from both Liam and Woody.

The video was recently taken off YouTube due to copyright claims but this was the conversation:

The interviewer brought up the success of Liam’s brother in Thor and out of nowhere Woody chimes in.


Woody: “Jesus, I never got that he was your brother. Until just now. And you do have the same last name when you think about it.”

Liam and the interviewer are just laughing at this realization,

Woody: “Honestly, never put that together.”

surprise me

Liam: “You never cease to surprise me.”

Probably one of the best Catching Fire interviews they had.

[Photo credit: Buzzfeed]

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