#WomenAgainstFeminism Tumblr Account Is Kicking the Hornet’s Nest

Feminism has always been a hot issue, with both camps passionately standing up for their beliefs. It’s a whole complicated issue, with men who are feminists, and women who are anti-feminists. And that’s over simplifying it.

Then there’s this anti-feminism campaign going on, #WomenAgainstFeminism. It’s a Tumblr account that was started back in 2013, but it is now getting more attention than ever. As the name implies, the account is all about women posting their thoughts on why they are not pro feminism.

#WomenAgainstFeminism has gone beyond its Tumblr borders, with major sites such as The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post covering it. The #WomenAgainstFeminism “campaign” has even spilled over to Twitter.

There are some really thought-provoking tweets.

And there are some that are quite acerbic, whether pro or for the campaign.

What do you think about #WomenAgainstFeminism?



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