Owner Arranged For Dog To Have Sex With Woman As Its ‘Birthday Gift’


A woman and two men from Texas were charged with bestiality for plotting to witness the woman engage in sexual acts with a dog.

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Accordant to the copy of the charging papers released Thursday, Rebekah Little used her IG page to set up bestiality opportunities at her abode in Houston. In Decemeber 2017, a guy named Jerrid Cook got in touch with her and told her that he and another man, named Kevin Cook, would pick up Ryder (his pet dog) and arrive at her home to “have fun.” On Dec. 27, 2017, the guys brought Jerrid’s pooch to the apartment. But unfortunately, the pup “would not cooperate.” Prosecutors stated Jerrid desired Ryder to have sexual relations with a human being as a “birthday gift” since it was the hound’s first birthday. Throughout the police interrogation, Little informed the officers that she never had sex with the canine as she got jittery. She included that she and Jerrid wound up having intercourse instead.

Carol Alvarado, a senator in Texas, who sponsored a 2017 bill that outlawed bestiality in the state, explained, “I’m glad to see it’s working. It’s unfortunate people are engaged in this type of activity.” All three individuals are now facing bestiality charges in the County. Though, the two males are yet to be apprehended. Similarly, a man in Maine was charged earlier this month with animal cruelty for having relations with a dog numerous times and videotaping it. Accordant to an affidavit, law enforcement got an anonymous tip claiming that 29-year-old Nicholase Hill was ‘doing’ a dog. During investigation, police discovered a video that the suspect had sent to a female, which exhibited him having sex with the animal. Following, cops traced and interrogated the lady who informed them that Hill “wanted her to get involved in a threesome” with the dog and himself. Hill was arrested and jailed in Knox County.


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