Study Reveals Which Breeds of Dog Are the Naughtiest and Which Are the Goodest Boys

Study Reveals Which Breeds of Dogs Are the Naughtiest and Which Are the Goodest Boys

All dogs are good boys (or girls), but have you ever wondered who is the goodest?

A new study claims to have figured out which are the “naughtiest” breed of dog, based on how often they bark. They also collated a list of the “nicest” dogs, as in the breeds who bark the least.

The research was conducted by Furbo, a business specializing in smartphone connected cameras, so owners can keep an eye on their furry friends from afar.

The company collected the data for the study from their users, with Samoyed’s (aka Shoobs) winning the title of naughtiest breed. Out of all the breeds tested, Samoyed’s barked the most, averaging at 52 times a day.

Study Reveals Which Breeds of Dogs Are the Naughtiest and Which Are the Goodest Boys

Yorkshire Terriers came in second, but despite their yappy reputation, they have nothing on Samoyed’s. Yorkshire Terriers bark roughly 23 times a day – enough to be annoying, but still less than half as much as Samoyeds do.

But who is the best behaved breed? Turns out it’s the Bernese Mountain Dog. Despite their hefty size, Bernese Mountain Dogs are fairly quiet, barking only three times a day.

Check out the full list below to see whether your dog is naughty or nice

The Naughtiest Breeds 

  1. Samoyed – 52.8 barks
  2. 2. Yorkshire Terrier – 23.6 barks
  3. Poodle – 22.2 barks
  4. Bichon Frise – 20.3 barks
  5. Doberman – 19.6 barks

Nicest Breeds

  1. Bernese Mountain Dog – 3.1 barks
  2. West Highland Terrier – 3.5 barks
  3. Shetland Sheepdog – 6.1 barks
  4. American Staffordshire Terrier – 6.2 barks
  5. Shiba Inu – 8.1 barks

Still, being a good boy is about more than just borks, it’s what’s in a pupper’s heart that counts.

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