Woman Scolds Mother for Allowing Kids to Drive Toy Car Without a License

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A lady in a California park was nabbed in an outlandish video scolding a mother for letting her young son operate a toy car “without a license.”

In the footage posted by @luna4boys04 on TikTok, the woman complains: “These kids are driving all over the place!” The woman shooting the video replied: “They’re playing. That’s what the park is for.” The older woman states: “I never saw a car in here before.” The mother points out, “It’s a Power Wheels car, ma’am. It’s a toy,” referring to the famed Fisher-Price car whose max speed is roughly 6 mph, depending on the vehicle.


So what bothers her ?? Can someone please tell me. is she related to #Karen ? Do I take my kids to the #dmv? #fy #fyp

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The woman continues in her peculiar broadside, “What bothers me is you have a little kid in here and he doesn’t have a driver’s license. He’s just a little kid!” prompting laughter from the mother. The older woman shrieks: “You’re not with him!” The mother reminds her: “It’s not a real car!” @luna4boys04 captioned her post: “So what bothers her?? Can someone please tell me, is she related to #Karen? Do I take my kids to the #dmv?”

“Karen” is a shorthand on social media for self-entitled caucasian women who gripe about trivial incidents. Fisher-Price stresses a Power Wheel’s cruise switch — which assures the vehicle will halt when the child takes their foot off of the pedal — is tested around 200,000 times, according to sources. The company claims also a Power Wheel is driven over nearly 100,000 bumps to make certain the toy car is “ready for rugged preschoolers.”


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