Witches of Brooklyn #HexTrump for Defeat


When witches start joining the effort to put a salty end to Donald Trump’s political career with #HexTrump, you know things are about to get serious.

Yeni Sleidi and her fellow brujas know evil when they smell it from afar, and they’re casting curses to call all the powers that be down on this belligerent would-be-president’s campaigns. These witches call the corners to freeze the presidentiable’s head, silence his foul mouth and racist speech, create a ward of protection for people of color, down to burning the painfully obvious, plain-in-sight source of all his power — his gosh-awful head of hair.

Sleidi, a Brooklynite writer and activist, was inspired to make the video after chatting with her Santeria-practicing mother. She gave her daughter instructions on the head-freezing spell, and Yeni and her friends took off from there. ““We’re both Cuban immigrants and his misguided attack on Mexican immigrants hit close to home, so she was happy to help,” Yeni says.

I asked my mom what she thinks of Donald Trump part I

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I asked my mom what she thinks of Donald Trump part II

A video posted by Yeni Sleidi (@real_person_with_feelings) on

Witchcraft, specially in the aftermath of being turned into a mere fashion trend by Urban Outfitters, may seem laughable when used in the face of politics, but don’t turn your nose up at it. The Shady Hawkins were glad to lend one of their songs to Sleidi’s cause, and Suzy X, the band’s lead singer, had some wisdom to impart on the craft. “The central essence of the witch is and has always been political resistance,” said Suzy. “Witches were born out of their natural resistance to patriarchy, to the level of greed and entitlement that produces scumlords like Donald Trump. We need to re-politicize the witch, the way feminists did in the ‘70s. Let’s take advantage of their existing fear of women, of immigrants, of black and brown folks. And let’s have a little fun with it.”

When asked if there was one candidate she would cast good luck charms for, Sleidi said she’d send good vibes in Bernie Sanders’ way. “I’m not one of his crazed #feelthebern supporters, but I think he’s the only candidate who isn’t entirely disingenuous, especially since he released his racial justice platform.”

Watch their guerilla magicks here:

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