Wisdom Teeth Plus Ice Bucket Challenge Equals Win [Watch]

Meghan Waterman ice bucket challenge

Meghan Waterman has steamrolled the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. When people say this is the BEST one yet… they have to be talking about this video. Easily surpasses any celebrity video.

Meghan didn’t need millions of dollars or a bucket for that matter, all she needed was to get her wisdom teeth out, a lot of drugs, and a kitchen bowl filled with ice water. Unfortunately, Meghan’s mouth starts to bleed… a lot. But “that’s okay.” Her mom told her to stay in her room but Meghan has to complete the challenge because its for a good cause. Her mom comes home during the recording which forces Meghan to throw the bowl at her stomach because she doesn’t want to get her hair wet.

The honestly in this video is priceless. Drunks words are sober thoughts, and post wisdom teeth removal words are the internet’s best friend.

Meghan told Buzzfeed, “I filmed it, then passed out for like an hour and saw it on my Facebook. So I’m guessing I put it up straight away. After a while I put it up on my Tumblr and it started to get loads of notes and I got really confused. Now I’m still confused but I’m super happy I made people smile. . . I’m feeling pretty peachy now! Besides the fact I have four holes in my mouth I feel great! Plus I have an excuse to watch Netflix all day, so everything is awesome.”

“The feedback has been pretty good. I’m getting comments on how I made someone’s day and that’s an amazing feeling.”

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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