Wingsuit Pilot Shows Off Precision Skills

Sebastian Alvarez

It is a video that isn’t for the faint-hearted. If heights and high speeds scare you, then this video isn’t for you.

This video features Chilean wingsuit pilot Sebastian Alvarez showing off his skills. Traveling at high speeds and cruising through deep ravines is a normal feat of an experienced wingsuit pilot, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Many forget how much precision and concentration goes into the sport, one small error could have devastating consequences.

To show just how much skill goes into his sport, Alvarez demonstrates by flying through a cardboard cutout of the Chilean flag, held by his friends. Standing on top of the extinct volcano, cerro manquehue, his friends hold up the flag, about the size of a small table.

Alvarez flies smoothly into the cutout without any trouble. He makes the art of wingsuit piloting look effortless, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He is traveling at a very high speed, barely missing jagged rocks and other obstacles, being off by one millimeter could mean death.

His flag stunt has gotten the attention of social media and many major media outlets. This isn’t the first time Alvarez has used his skill to thrill fans, he has an entire YouTube channel devoted to his stunts.

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