Why Jerry Seinfeld Says Your Christmas Presents Are Garbage [Video]

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld makes quite the comedic revelation about Christmas presents during a stand-up segment on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. After giving his entire audience a flat screen television, he proceeds to explain why the TV is really just a piece of trash.

“Most of you were excited,” Jerry jokes after the audience discovers their televisions. “Why? Most of you probably already own a flat screen TV.”

Jerry explains how we receive so many gifts and amass so many material possessions. He explains the process of getting a new item, like a television. At first, we are so excited. We display the gifts proudly in the most prominent spots in our house. Eventually, we get tired of the items and they get put into a less important spot. Eventually, it seems the item ends up in a closet, attic, or storage. Usually, it ends up tucked away in the garage, which Jerry says is one step away from being thrown away.

“Nothing makes it back in after it is in the garage. The word garage is one letter away from garbage.”

Jerry does make a point. What happens to all of our material possessions once we pass on? Usually, nothing.

“You can’t take them with you,” Jerry says.


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