Whataburger Baby Photo Goes Viral [Video]

A mother’s love for her newborn child and Whataburger hamburgers inspired a very unique photo shoot.


Megan and Tyler Riddle of Texas spoke with Dallas news station, WFAA, about this viral photo of their baby, Basil.

You can also view the full interview here.

The mother explains that during her pregnancy she had intense cravings for Whataburger, specifically their hamburgers. There was just one problem, the couple lived in Des Moines, Iowa. The closest Whataburger location is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a seven hour drive. The baby’s father, Tyler, was willing to do anything to make his wife happy. So, on Mother’s Day, the couple made the journey to the restaurant. Megan was finally able to enjoy her favorite, a number one with no bun (Meagan is allergic to gluten). The trip was such an important part of their pregnancy journey that they couldn’t wait to create an everlasting memory with the perfect photo.

The photo was taken by Dallas area photographer, Allie Rae Zuniga. Zuniga owns Allie Rae Photography. 


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