Why Do You Need to Use Social Media Videos?

videos in social media

Let me start with a harsh reality check: if you are not using videos in your marketing strategy, then you are way behind your competitors. The prospective customers and visitors landing on your website love videos more than any other form of content.

Making videos is not rocket science. It has been made much easier by some amazing online video editing tools available in the market. RenderForest is one such tool that works with the help of cloud technology to make the life easier for you. With RenderForest, you can create videos for various purposes such as promotional videos, logo revelations, typography, etc.

Coming back to the main question, why do you actually need videos in your social media feed?

I hope the following points will convince you:

Videos get more attention than any other form of content

For any business, getting the attention of the prospective customers is an essential part of their marketing strategy. With the number of spam emails being circulated every day, no prospective customer would be interested in reading a long sales email telling about your product.

In case you are wondering how to get a hold of their attention – it’s simple. You have to create the type of content that keeps them engaged. And needless to say, it’s videos.

social media videos

Some facts and figures for you:

  • According to Animoto, a prospective customer is likely to watch a product video 4 times more than he will read a long product description.
  • Forbes has also stated that 59% of the executives give preference to videos, while
  • MarketingSherpa has found that video on a website page doubles the time spent by a visitor on your website.

So, there is no doubt in the consumption of video content. But are you using this to benefit your business? If not, then you should, definitely.

Videos give you better conversion rates

According to these stats, 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube on a daily basis. Apart from this, one-third of online shoppers buy a product just after watching a product video. We are not talking about conversion rate of 2% or 3%, we are talking about an average conversion rate of 35%.

Now, with a conversion rate as high as this, you should not even think twice before adding videos to your social feed. If you do not know how to boost conversion rates by using videos, you should check out this guide. Alternatively, you should also analyze the marketing strategy of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Ali Baba, eBay, etc.

Videos have higher engagement rate

Videos deliver a higher amount of information in a shorter amount of time. Since they include video as well as audio, they directly appeal to the multiple senses of your audience. You can use videos effectively by creating product guides, how-to-do, etc.

Now, when a visitor finds a video for the purpose he is actually looking for, he is bound to share it over social media with his friends. For an example, Twitter users share 700 videos in a minute. Needless to say, the opportunities for your content to go viral are endless.

Google loves video

Ever seen a competitive ranking higher than you? Even if you have better content, the only reason behind your lower ranking is videos. Let it be Google or any other search engines, they absolutely love videos. Search Engines tend to give more priority to the websites with videos.

social media videos

There are 3 things that you can do with videos on your website:

  • Post your videos on the website blog,
  • Embed them in various website pages, and
  • Share them over different social media platforms as much as you can.

Videos do better among mobile users & numbers don’t lie

Every major platform offers you analytics of the posts done. Let it be Facebook or YouTube, you can comprehensively see how good your video is doing. Apart from views, likes, and shares, you can also see details about the devices involved.

Talking specifically about mobile users, the amount of content consumption is definitely on the rise. Another interesting stat for convincing you to add videos to your marketing strategy: 88% of short videos (of around 30 seconds) are watched till the end on mobile devices. While the same is not true for a computer.


To conclude, these are a few reasons that you should add videos to your marketing strategy. Apart from these reasons, videos also give a personal touch and emotionally connect with your audience. Video can be really helpful if you have a complicated service or product. If these reasons don’t convince you to add videos to social feed, there is one thing that definitely will.

Your competitors are creating videos and they are getting the attention of your prospective customers.

And yes, making videos require effort and time. But believe me when I say this: Your audience does notice. Also, the so-called hard work is made easier for you with many tools available online. Use it effectively to boost your content marketing strategy.



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