White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M’s Have Arrived, And We Want Them

white chocolate marshmallow

M&M’s announced they were soon to release a flavor of White Chocolate Marshmallow around Easter time, and now they have officially arrived!

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Over the years the renowned candy brand has released some pretty incredible flavors, though these new ones may in fact be the sweetest – virtually – that they’ve ever come out with.

The “MnM” twins, who are Instagram food reviewers, somehow got a hold of the candy prior to being released, and they spoke wonderful things about them. “White Chocolate Marshmallow M&M’s are silently hopping onto shelves soon! While working at Target last night, boxes of these came off the truck out of nowhere. Said “Display immediately” on the box, but the Valentine’s aisles aren’t quite cleared yet, so it’s only a matter of time before these begin being stocked.

“It’s a good thing that these M&M’s are labeled as WHITE CHOCOLATE marshmallow, because the white chocolate is definitely the most prominent flavor you taste here; with the slightest hint of marshmallow. In fact, if we were trying these blindfolded, we would guess white chocolate way before guessing marshmallow was also in it. But that’s just us! Can’t wait to see what other people’s thoughts are on these.”

Some other folks managed to get their paws on the new candy, too, now that they’re out, and thus far the reviews have been fairly positive!

“These might just be my new favorite m&m’s fulled center with delicious white chocolate with a very settle but good marshmallows taste & the usual crunchy outer shell 10/10,” one taster stated.

“I picked these up solely because I was pretty sure they would taste exactly like the vanilla cupcake M&M’s that were released a couple years ago during the Easter season as well,” MunchieBunchie posted on IG. “I was right…it’s identical. Probably the same exact things to be honest. Both were super sweet white chocolate and I mean SUPER sweet. It’s hard to eat more than a couple of these in my opinion (unless you’re a die hard white chocolate fan). You get a vanilla taste from these that is supposed to be “marshmallow”. I don’t think these taste like marshmallow but they aren’t just white chocolate either. Have you tried these? Do you think they taste like the vanilla cupcake ones? I say 6.5/10!”


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