What Working Women Want and How to Retain Them

Working women are a valuable asset to any company. They have proven themselves time and again as being reliable, dedicated, and hardworking employees. However, companies often struggle to retain these employees. In this blog post, you’ll explore what working women want and how to make them stick around.

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Revise Your Corporate Policies and Benefits

One of the main reasons working women leave their jobs is because they don’t feel valued. They aren’t given the same opportunities or benefits as their male counterparts, and they often feel stuck in dead-end jobs.


By ensuring that the policies are fair and that everyone has an opportunity to succeed, you’ll show your working women that they are valued members of the team. Additionally, promote from within whenever possible, and reward employeesfor their hard work. Invest in your employees’ development, and provide them with the resources they need to grow in their careers.

Think of Insurance Coverage

Insurance covers are significant because they provide financial protection in an unexpected loss. This could include things like death, disability, or illness. For working women, insurance covers are essential because they can help safeguard their families in the event of their death or disablement.


There are several different types of insurance cover that working women can take out, and it’s essential to choose the right one for your needs. Some of the most common include life insurance, critical illness cover, and income protection.


Nowadays, you can access a wide range of insurance products online, and it’s easy to compare different policies to find the right one for you. Some companies also give a breakdown of the steps for the registration. When it comes to Sunlife health insurance login steps, it’s vital to have the correct details, such as your policy number and member ID. Generally, an online account makes it easy for any user to manage the account’s primary tasks, such as subscriptions. It may also be a good idea to encourage your workers to use apps for their insurance needs.

Offer Elastic Work Schedules

Many women have children or other family obligations that they can’t miss, so they need the flexibility to juggle their work and personal lives.


Encourage employees to telecommute or work remotely, as working mothers often covet this. Be understanding and accommodating if they need to take time off for a doctor’s appointment or their child’s school play. The more flexible you can be, the better. This is so long as they will perform their duties efficiently.

Develop a Company-Sponsored Mentorship Program

Many working women feel alone in their career journey. They don’t have anyone to look up to or ask for advice. This can be discouraging, leading them to leave their job searching for a more supportive environment.


One way to combat this is by developing a company-sponsored mentorship program. Pair up experienced employees with women just starting in their careers. These mentorship relationships can provide invaluable support and guidance, and they can help women feel more connected to their workplace.

Encourage Down-Up Communication

One of the biggest complaints working women have is that they don’t feel like their voices are being heard. They want to be able to share their ideas and concerns with their superiors, but they often feel like they’re not being listened to.


Encourage open communication between all levels of your organization. Make it clear that you value your employees’ input, and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up.

Include Women in Leadership

One of the most important things companies can do to retain working women is to balance gender in their leadership. Women want to see themselves represented at all levels of the company, and they want to know that they have a chance to move up in their careers.


Make an effort to hire and promote qualified women into leadership positions. Encourage women to run for leadership roles in your company, and provide them with the resources they need to succeed. Doing this will show working women that they are valued members of your organization.

Ask About Their Work Challenges


It’s vital to ask working women about the challenges they face in their careers. This can be done through surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one interviews. By doing this, you’ll gain valuable insights into the experiences of your employees. You’ll also show them that you’re committed to making their work lives better.


You can even develop a forum for this purpose, where women can anonymously share their experiences and give suggestions for improvement. This will make your employees feel heard and valued, and it will help you create a more supportive work environment.


Working women are an essential part of the workforce, and it’s vital to retain them. It would help if you created a supportive environment that meets their needs. Be flexible, encourage mentorship, and promote a healthy work-life balance. It will be best if you also ask them about the challenges they face and make an effort to address them.


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