What Social Media Superhero Are You? [Infographic]

Social Media Superhero Infographic

Full-service social media intelligence dashboard uberVU understands that not all social media guru’s are built the same, some of evangelists of their social communities, others are data crunching fanatics and some are all about digital strategy.

Whatever type of social media superhero you might be one thing is for certain, you will either be dealing with followers/customers, information or both at the same time. You might also be a programming guru or a communications expert which means your rolls will vary based on your own expertise and capabilities.

In the infographic shown below uberVU not only names each type of social media guru, they list the skills you need to fit into one of their pre-selected social media superhero categories.

Take a look and let us know in the comments section which type of superhero you are:

Social Media Superhero Infographic



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