What Is Aquafaba And Why Is Social Media Going Crazy About It


You might off seen posts on Facebook or pins on Pinterest about aquafaba. What is it and why do you need to get your hands on it right now? This isn’t just a ancient health food that has suddenly became a new trend, like quinoa or kale. Aquafaba is a relatively new thing.

It all began with Joel Roessel, a French cook who embarked on a mission to experiment with the liquid from canned goods in order to find a egg alternative. In 2014, he wrote a blog post about one of his exciting discoveries involving the liquid from canned chickpeas.

A video posted to Youtube in 2015 shows this chickpea liquid being whipped into a chocolate mousse. Others were inspired by Roessel’s work and began using the liquid as a vegan alternative in cooking. Excited vegans all over the world embraced the new ingredient, coining the term, “aquafaba,” the combination of Latin words for “water” and “beans.”

So, how can you get your hands on this magical ingredient? It is as easy as saving the water when you boil bagged beans, peas or lentils or you could just save the liquid from any of these canned products. Although, many chefs claim that the liquid from canned chickpeas works the best. After a little whipping, the liquid will become frothy and look like whipped egg whites or a milky foam.

There are a number of ways to use aquafaba to create a vegan dish. The Culinary Institute of America recommends combining the liquid and melted dark chocolate to create a vegan mousse. You can also create “ice cream” with aquafaba, frozen fruit and honey. If these ideas don’t make your mouth water, simply let Google show you the hundreds of recipes at your fingertips. Bon appetit.

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