What Fonts Are Used in Social Media?

Social media is extremely important, it will make the difference between a successful company, a product or service that will sell and failure. We all see shared and appreciated posts by several million people. All that posts have one thing in common, are great packages (image, message, fonts and fonts combination, colors, timing).

To use correctly social media posts, you need to identify your audience, what are they looking for, to use the right images, the right fonts, to create a “complete package” that will build your message. Like everything that looks simple, it is not. A lot of testing is involved and attention to details.

Combining correctly 2 fonts in social media is important for the success of the posts. You see how well are combined the 2 fonts from the below picture?

To achieve that you must pay attention to details and carefully study that the difference between the conventional design and the particular design.

Today’s discussion will be focused towards the fonts that are being used in social media, I see lots of greats posts that are doing well but it would skyrocket if the right font would have been used.

So what fonts are being used in social media with great success?

I will highlight below the most used 3 fonts in social media, in most of the highly shared and appreciated posts in the world. These fonts look great in any message you will have, I highly suggest you test them.

1. Highlander

Highlander is a marker script font that is rough around the edges, quite literally and on purpose. This cool font has a great mood with its imperfect marker strokes and wild look. Just like the other fonts I’ve listed, it’s sensational. This typeface by Kavoon has one particular feature that makes it an even better text font.

Highlander has a set of splashes and strokes that lend perfectly to creating amazing designs for social media, your blog or whatever else you can fathom!

2. Novecento

Novecento has become very popular in web design. It’s a full family with different types of fonts but all of the same essence. It’s imposing and makes your post be the center of attention due to its high stroke and shape. It works perfectly for a clothesline or a club, as long as you use it wisely.

3. Helvetica

Queen of the kingdom. Helvetica is not only a right font. It’s the preferred one by many designers around the world. It combines with almost any other font family, you can read it perfectly in any size, and there’s a lot of ways of use it. Even though it is not meant for logos, it’s accurate for any Visual Branding composition.

How To Identify A Font You Like In Social Media Posts?

The above 3 fonts are the most used in social media with great impact but there are also many others that can be a perfect fit for your posts. When you see a font you love, take a screenshot and save it. Right after use the best font finder on the market to identify the font you were looking for, in minutes, for free.

Using WhatFontIshttps://www.whatfontis.com/you can find any font from any image, in 4 easy and intuitive steps. The web tool is loaded with over 490k fonts (free and commercial) and a powerful AI font finder. It will show you free and commercial fonts, including alternatives for the font you are looking for.

Step 1 – You upload a screenshot of the font or you enter the URL of the image. Here is one example from a Facebook post that I personally like.

Step 2 – You verify if the characters viewed by WhatFontis match the characters of your uploaded image, that you need to input into the box next to the displayed character.

Step 3 – The powerful font finder identifies the font for you. If it doesn’t find the right match, it suggests 100 alternatives you can scroll down through and choose the one that most resembles your font. In most cases, What Font is also specifies the websites where you may download/buy the identified fonts from. Many of these fonts are available for free download.


Using the right fonts is a game changer in social media and everywhere else. It will add a lot of value to your visual branding while the investment is small or even 0. Every moment we are seeing great social media posts with awesome fonts, fonts that we can identify and use in our own projects.

WhatFontIs will save us time and money, by finding the right font for our next project within minutes.

It is free to use but the premium account looks even better:

● Unlimited number of fonts identifications

● Unlimited access to over 490,000 fonts results

● Identify fonts by price

● Custom text preview

● Auto character recognition system

● Select sources for commercial fonts

What to get rid of the ads? The premium account which is $29.9 per year will help you with that.


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