What Americans Really Think of Fox News Will Totally Surprise You

What American's Really Think of Fox News Will Totally Surprise You

Fox News isn’t exactly known for its accurate reporting. Who can forget that whole “Birmingham is all Muslim” thing a few years ago? Or the time they got caught lying about the Eagles?

According to fact-checking website Poltifact, 29% of statements made by the right-wing news outlet are false, with 21% mostly false, and another 19% half true. If you were wondering how many statements got the “pants on fire rating,” it was 9%. Compare that to the true and mostly true statements, which sit at 12% and 10% respectively, that’s some pretty scary statistics.

They still aren’t the most terrifying figures we’ve heard today though. A new poll conducted by Research Intelligencer asked 4,000 people to rate the TV news sources they watched three or more times a week, in an attempt to work out which networks Americans trust the most.

The results? Fox News got 87% on the trust scale, second only to the BBC at 90%. They even beat out CNN at 69%, which we’re sure Donald Trump is very pleased about.

That’s right, 87% of respondents felt Fox News was a trustworthy source. This is the same network that have claimed campus rape is a myth, and that “There is no good data showing secondhand smoke kills people.

Americans across the web were confused as to why a network that is consistently called out for lying can have so many trusting followers.

Just to make things even more confusing, when the survey asked respondents whether or not they considered Trump to be trustworthy, only 29% said yes. This is despite the fact that Fox News, with its conservative values, is a huge proponent of Trump, with the President giving the network special treatment (such as first interviews) in the past.

Does this mean even Fox News can’t make Trump look good? Maybe, but he still has a high approval rating amongst Republicans, currently at 85%. We guess you don’t have be trustworthy to well-liked after all…

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