Fox News Facts: Twitter Mocks Network Over ‘Birmingham Is All Muslim’ Comment

Twitter has been mocking Steve Emerson, a “terrorism expert,” and the Fox News network today for an absurd comment about how Birmingham, Britain’s second largest city, was a “totally Muslim” city “where non-Muslims just simply don’t go.”

Emerson apologized for his comments but that wasn’t enough to stop Twitter from starting the #FoxNewsFacts hashtag to mock the news network.

The hashtag started with comments primarily about Emerson and Birmingham:

But it soon devolved into an all-out Fox slam fest.

Fox News issued a retraction, stating that Birmingham is closer to 20% Muslim as opposed to 100% Muslim. So close.

Emerson also issued an apology:

“I have clearly made a terrible error for which I am deeply sorry. My comments about Birmingham were totally in error. And I am issuing an apology and correction on my website immediately for having made this comment about the beautiful city of Birmingham. I do not intend to justify or mitigate my mistake by stating that I had relied on other sources because I should have been much more careful. There was no excuse for making this mistake and I owe an apology to every resident of Birmingham. I am not going to make any excuses. I made an inexcusable error. And I am obligated to openly acknowledge that mistake.”

You can watch the “Fox News Facts” segment in the video below.

Dan Evon

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