WestJet’s Christmas Miracle Ad Goes Viral [Video]

WestJet Makes Christmas Miracle

Canadian airline WestJet’s Christmas Miracle ad has people talking, and for good reason. In the ad, a team from the airline sets up a kiosk at the Toronto and Hamilton International Airports for passengers to speak with Santa. The passengers, all of whom were waiting to board flights to Calgary, talked with Santa about what they had on their Christmas wishlists.

While the passengers probably thought it was a cute interactive display, and didn’t think much of it. But they were wrong. More than 150 WestJet employees took off about the same time the plane did, gathering personal presents, wrapping them, and delivering them to the Calgary airport before the plane landed.

When they arrived, the travelers were shocked to see presents traveling down the conveyor belt instead of their bags. The passengers received everything from socks and underwear to tablets, smartphones, and a 50 inch TV.

The event was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube, where it quickly became a huge hit. WestJet’s Vide President of Communications and Community Relations Richard Bartrem explained the process of planning and carrying out the Christmas Miracle in this video:

The planning took more than a month, including setting up hidden cameras and coordinating with all of the different teams to pull it off. The airline also promised to provide free tickets to a family in need if the video hits 200,000 views. Well, considering the video already has over 12 million views in three days, that family will get to spend Christmas together.

[H/T Mashable]



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