Do The Birdy Boogie: ‘Drunk’ Cat Is Stumbling Toward Viral Fame

birdie boogie

Will the Birdy boogie be thee next twerking corgi? A redditor’s cat is making his way to the top of the viral food chain thanks to a neurological disorder that makes him walk like a drunk.

birdy boogie

Now, before you get all concerned and tell me that we shouldn’t laugh at an animal with a mental disorder, you should know that Birdy is a happy and healthy cat… relatively speaking.

Redditor MeganRene writes: “Birdy has a condition cerebellar hypoplasia. This affects his coordination but he is otherwise healthy. He loves his wobbly life! He is not in any pain and he doesn’t suffer. When he falls down he gets right back up. I don’t think he knows he’s any different from other kitties!”

Birdie does have a little trouble eating…

… he isn’t the best at playing with his toys …

… and sometimes he just can’t sit still.

But Birdy still has all of the tools to become a viral star. He has a cute face, a funny dance, and accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The cat has only been working on his social media act for a couple of months and he has already racked up a few thousand followers.

The Birdie Boogie also recently made it to the top of r/funny which means that Birdie’s following should grow a little overnight.

Megan Rene writes: “When people come over they lose their minds over his cuteness. I don’t mind that people laugh because I do too. I would feel bad if he was suffering, but he’s not. He is so damn happy and it doesn’t even phase him that he’s different. He tears around the house like any other crazy cat. I just love him so much.”

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