Watch This Topless Woman Go On A Rampage In A Florida McDonalds [Video]

Naked McDonalds Freakout

That title is not click bait. You are about to watch exactly what that sounds like. Hell, I could of gone one step further and mentioned that she was only wearing a thong in the video. But I didn’t do that, because it would be too easy, and I respect you, the reader too much.

Actually, that is a lie. I don’t know you, you could be a creep, or not; there is no way I can tell from here. It was also a lie that I avoided using thong in the title because I have integrity, I actually avoided using it because it made the title too long. I am full of lies today, so I apologize to you, the reader.

If you didn’t immediately ignore everything I wrote and frantically start hitting the play button, it’s probably because you want to know exactly what you are going to see before you click play. Maybe you are at work, maybe your significant other is nearby, or some little ones. I would say the video is slightly NSFW.

What you are about to watch is a young woman, wearing only a thong, with a censor blur over her  breasts, tear down a McDonalds in (where else?) Florida. She knocks everything off the counter, goes behind the counter and tips over more equipment, then stops at the soft serve machine to drink right out of the faucet.

Best of all, it is all set to the hilarious commentary of the McDonalds employees that leaked the security footage to LiveStream yesterday. In that time, it has already gotten over 234,000 views, I guess that is what happens when a video is so bizarre, an accurate description sounds like click bait.



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