Live Stream Comes To Google Glass

Livestream Google Glass

Sharing first person videos is a major feature of the Google Glass wearable. Live streaming is growing in popularity and is one of the most popular ways to share events with those that can’t afford or are too far away to attend. So, it is only natural that the two things would eventually come together.

Livestream has launched its app for the Google Glass. The new app allows Google Glass explorers to broadcast video taken directly from their Google Glass. Broadcasters can see messages and the chatroom from their Google Glass and can respond by voice.

Broadcasters can simply tap the sole button on the side of the device and say “Google, Live Stream” to begin streaming. Other than that, the app is fairly barebones. However, Google Glass can now also be used as a remote camera for the more full featured Live Stream experience.

In addition to the Google Glass app, Live Stream has also launched an updated iPhone app that brings a remote camera function, a new website, and three new mixer devices, one with a touchscreen. Live Stream is also bringing enhancements to the free version of its services, offering multi camera and graphics support.

[Photo Credit: Live Stream]

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