Watch This Crab Climb Out Of Its Shell. It’s Disgusting. Also, Awesome [Video]

crab climbs out of shell

We watch a lot of Discovery Channel, but we haven’t ever seen anything like this. A crab climbs out of its old shell in the time-lapsed footage you see above.

Nothing much happens at first. The crab clicks around the tank, looking rigid and uncomfortable. The shell starts to peel at the back, and right around the 0:45 mark, the crab stops moving altogether. That pink mass at the back slowly pulsates and grows until a giant pink crab springs out of the old shell.

You’ve probably seen old crab shells around the beach before (“crab’s pajamas” according to one YouTuber), but have you ever actually seen a crab up and leave its shell before? Watch the video above.

photo credit: © M Ä T T

Kokou Adzo

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