Warren Sapp Stiffs Waitress, Defends Himself On Twitter

warren sapp

Warren Sapp stiffed a waitress at a sports bar this week and he isn’t ashamed to admit it.

The former NFL player went to a bar to watch the World Cup match on Tuesday with some friends. They had a few beers, a pizza, some buffalo wings and at the end of the meal were handed a bill for $69.39. And that’s what Warren Sapp paid. To the penny. $69.39. No tip.

Sapp was called out by Darren Rovell on Twitter.

Sapp didn’t try to deny it. He stiffed the waitress and for good reason (at least according to him). Sapp said that the service was terrible and that the waitress kept calling him and his friends “boys.”

What did Warren Sapp expect the waitress to call him? Mr. Sapp? Sir? Are you surprised that Warren Sapp stiffed the waitress?

Kokou Adzo

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