Want To Hook Up At SXSW? Bang With Friends Has You Covered

Austin, TX – So you’re attending SXSW this year. It’s been a busy couple of days so far, and a bit of R&R might be in order. You notice that there are quite a few lusty members of the opposite sex walking around and you wonder, “Gee, how do I break the ice and get this person to meet me after the floor closes for a cup of coffee with a side of casual sex?”

Remember Bang With Friends? They’ve got you covered.

It shouldn’t surprise you. SXSW is called “spring break for geeks” for a reason. There are panels, gadgets, rampant alcohol consumption, and yes, sex. Bang With Friends, the licentious and controversial Facebook app that helps facilitate your carnal desires through social media, has slithered into the convention and tailored their service to suit SXSW attendees this year.

A bit of background: Bang With Friends lets your sift through your friends list and click “down to bang” on friends you’d like to … well … bang. The rub is this: They won’t know unless they click “down to bang” on you, as well. From there, you both receive a notification, and what follows is between you, your partner, God, and your sheets.

The SXSW-centric version, “Bang With SXSW,” does the exact same thing, but for folks attending the Austin convention this year. The SXSW version doesn’t require Facebook friendship as a pre-requisite, and lists all of the attendees at this year’s show with a special SXSW badge on their profile. From there, BWF will pair you up.

Bang With Friends

Our contact at Bang With Friends (known only as “C”) also told me that they are partnering with a featured session speaker, Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn. Together, they’re handing out limited edition BWF condoms all across the city.

Since their launch at the end of January, Bang With Friends has attracted 750,000 users, and have facilitated 180,000 successful pairings.

Are you at SXSW this year? Are you interested in hooking up?

Kokou Adzo

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