Viral Yelp Review Calls Out Morton’s Steakhouse For Alleged Poor Treatment Of Cancer Patient

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Over on Yelp, the power of social ratings has affected Morton’s Steakhouse — a very high-end chain well regarded in the space — after a story about the alleged mistreatment of a cancer patient at the Nashville location went viral.

According to Yelp reviewer Ashley S. on December 14, a work party at Morton’s in Nashville went well — up until one guest, suffering from cancer, donned a wool beanie to combat an increased tendency to become cold.

It was then, Ms. S. says, the five-star treatment disintegrated, and the Morton’s outing was ruined. She begins:

” … what started out as a great night at a company Christmas party, ended horribly with the entire group leaving upset and angry … The management here needs to learn compassion. I understand there are rules at establishments … I get it, really.”

Ashley continues:

“But when we are there, spending a few thousand dollars, and one of the men in the group who is battling cancer and has an extreme sensitivity to cold, decided to slip on his black wool beanie (AT THE END OF THE MEAL mind you…) he was told to take it off, which he did.”

Okay, that was bad. But it seems the man — oh wait, you weren’t finished, Ashley? Continue:

“Upset, his son decided to tell the manager Catrina that his dad has cancer, etc … well her response was he needed a DOCTOR’S NOTE. Are you kidding me??? His wife then got extremely upset, and the family got up to leave … not before speaking with the management.”

Oh, dear. Is that a– what? There’s more? Okay:

“They told them they should have called in advance so they could have put us in a room by ourselves … we didn’t realize cancer was so offensive!”

There’s no possible way it could get … oh, for heaven’s sake. It actually could get worse:

“And not to mention, they called the police on them! When another owner who happened to be the one paying the ridiculous bill went to speak with the manager, he was thrown out by police. Then we all had to leave, because they couldn’t handle us all being upset.”

Okay, what we lack in this Morton’s tale is the breadth of “upset” Ashley S. and her party reached during the brouhaha — however, it should be noted that emotions running high seems to be to a degree reasonable here.

Morton’s commented nearly a day ago on Twitter, saying:

Twitter links to Facebook, where Morton’s posted about the beanie incident:


Since the Morton’s cancer debacle went viral, the brand has not updated to Twitter or Facebook explaining further — however, it should be noted that the treatment, however appalling, seems to be the fault of a single employee if accurately relayed, and not in any way the policy of the steakhouse.



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