Viral Laughing Baby: Where Is He Now? [Video]

The laughing baby is the star of so many memes and viral Internet content. The original video of baby Micah laughing was uploaded by his dad back in 2011. Here’s the video to jog your memory. So adorable!

But, if this was shot in 2011, then little Micah isn’t so little anymore. In fact, Youtube’s most famous laugher is now five years old. He is just a normal kid and the fact that more than 800 million people have seen his video doesn’t faze him at all.

laughing baby
[Photo credit: Cori Linder]

One writer was able to catch up with the adorable laughing baby boy. She asked him if he knows just how famous his video became.

“Did you know that the video of you laughing at ripping paper has made a lot of people happy?”

“Yeah,” he answers.

“How does that make you feel?”

“Really good.”

“What makes you laugh, Micah?”

“Ruby,” he says. “When she does silly things and makes herself laugh. Then I laugh.”

Ruby is Micah’s 3-year-old younger sister. He also has a 10-month-old sister named Maisy. S Perhaps, the family will have some more adorable baby videos to share.

The writer asks him one last question.

“How about if we watched your video together – would you laugh then?”

“No. But I would smile really big.”

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