Baby Rescued Almost A Mile Out At Sea [Video]

child lost at sea

The title says it all. A small child was found clinging to a inflatable toy about a mile away from the shore in Kucukkuyu, a town located in southwestern Turkey.

The shocking rescue operations was caught on camera and shows the 10-month-old girl being rescued by emergency crews.

Her parents say they were sunbathing and forgot about the child in the sea. By the time they realized it, the waves had pushed her out into the sea, about a kilometer from the shore. Others at the beach tried to save the girl, but the winds had pushed her out too far. Fortunately, someone called for help.

A Turkish news outlet reported on the carelessness of the child’s parents:

“The Ilgın family went to the public beach in the town of Küçükkuyu on Friday, where they placed young Melda on a flotation device and left her in the water nearby. However, between strong northern winds and the family’s lack of attention, the young girl quickly began floating off into the open sea in the direction of the Greek island of Lesbos.

Noticing too late, beachgoers attempted to save the infant but were unsuccessful.

The Turkish Coast Guard was immediately notified of the incident and a boat was dispatched to the scene. Reaching the girl at a distance of one kilometer out from the shore, Coast Guard personnel leapt into the water to rescue the young Melda.”

Fortunately, this situation had a happy ending. The poor little girl’s emergency could of easily become a tragedy.

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