‘#VeryRealisticYA’ Tweets Keep it Real


Book lovers on Twitter have just met a new hashtag to love, and tweets are aplenty all around.

#VeryRealisticYA has been one trending hashtag that has readers and young adult literature fans poking fun at YA Lit conventions and stereotypes. Twitter users of all ages have pitched in with their two cents on many tropes and plot conventions in beloved books, and given them their own hearty dose of reality. See the results for yourself.

Let’s get started with John Hansen, the user who started it all:

Twitter picked up on the hashtag, and users ran with it.

— Nick Mamatas (@NMamatas) March 29, 2015

Some tweets rang true and kept current with fandoms:

A couple of them could even blend in well with Dystopian YA Novel:

Some averted what could have turned into a grisly horror film or a tragedy by using common sense:

photo credit: The Book Shelf via photopin (license)

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