Venus Flytrap Devours A Yellowjacket Wasp, Yum [Video]

venus flytrap

Seen below, with what appears to be some spider leftovers still in one of its mouths, is footage of a Venus Flytrap wholly consuming a yellow jacket wasp.

venus flytrap
The Venus flytrap’s prey is limited to spiders, beetles and other crawling arthropods. Actually, the Dionaea’s diet is 33% ants, 30% spiders, 10% grasshoppers and 10% beetles, with less than 5% flying insects; Photo: Img Flip

Now, Mother Nature can be a bit cruel — formulating deleterious creatures such as the mosquito (which kills roughly 750,000 humans annually) and the snake (who wipes out around 100,000 humans every year) — and the Venus flytrap, is merely another callous manifestation weaved by Her mighty hand(s).

In the below video, we get to see first-hand the forbearance and furtiveness of the carnivorous plant. The wasp, like, has NO idea that grim reaper is soon to visit him and it’s absolutely jack spit he can do about it — so freckin’ awesome!

To lure prey in, the flytrap’s leaves secrete sweet-smelling nectar which beguiles famished invertebrates. And yes nectar’s nice but, flytraps even better their odds of snatching a bite by actually emitting a fluorescent blue glow to entice bugs, peculiarly during the grimmer parts of the day.

Sometimes, traps even nab an occasional frog! Usually, the pods clamp down on beetles, ants and other small insects. In their nutrient-devoid boggy environment, however, the amphibians’ exoskeletons provide a crucial source of nitrogen. Therefore once in a blue moon, a hapless vertebrate gets gobbled.


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