Some Very Interesting Facts About Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants feel like they are an oxymoron or paradox of sorts. We look at most plant life as physically passive, but just like all aspects of life on this planet, there are very much carnivorous plants that are predators, and thus, the paradox. How can something be two things at once? A seemingly passive, often visually intriguing and alluring thing that ALSO kills (albeit solely to feed, in most cases).

But honestly, how many of us can say really ANYTHING about carnivorous plants except for the fact that we know of examples (like the famous Venus Flytrap) that do indeed feed carnivorously via predatory means, but what else do we know about them?

Not much, actually, myself very much induced in that sweeping generalization.

Which is EXACTLY the reason I decided to share this video with you all (after I watched it first). Remember, edutainment is a thing. You can be enjoying something and (GASP) also learn from it!

Peep it for yourself and see what I mean:

So now you know more about carnivorous plants and maybe the next time your significant other does something crappy you can give them a bouquet of carnivorous plants before they give you the “I’m sorry” roses and send them a very clear (non-verbal) message via the stunning majesty (and madness) that is nature itself.

And yes, I felt bad for the flies in this video, too.

Dare You To Watch This and NOT Get Dizzy


Remy Carreiro


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