US Election Results In a Surprising Record of Firsts

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America’s political climate has been seeing records of changes over the past few decades. However, US election results record a list of surprising firsts for the first time in a long time. With the power of the youth overpowering the US election results, we see how differently they see the world. It shows how inclusivity is second nature to the younger Americans. The US election results saw changes both on local and executive levels this year.

Color, race, and sexuality are not indicators of governance. However, these are indicators of a progressive American mind. It is a sign that, finally, Americans are more open to what is different. People are in high spirits that change is finally here.

A breakthrough in the LGBTQ+ for the US Election Results

This is the first time in history that there are more members of the LGBTQ+ running for office in the US. It took almost thirty years for Americans to choose to be inclusive when casting their votes. For years, the number of LGBTQ+ members running for office has been growing. They are not afraid that people would scrutinize them for their sexuality.

In Delaware, Sarah McBride is the first openly transgender woman to win a state senate seat. She is also known as the first high-ranking transgender elected official. In other places like Vermont and Kansas, two more transgender women (Taylor Smalls and Stephanie Byers) are also voted on state-level offices.

These are notable victories because it would mean representation of a demographic which was not openly accepted or considered in the past. Now, more of their voices can be heard and their rights can finally be put into perspective.

For Women and Women of Color

It is unbelievable that in these modern times, we are still seeing “the first person of color winning the US elections” on the news. However, in the light of recent events like the #BlackLivesMatter protests, it is clear that racial equality in the US is still not at the place we all want it to be. This could all be changed by Kamala Harris. She is the first woman Vice President of the United States, a breakthrough in itself. But she broke more barriers knowing that she is the first vice president of both Asian and African American descent in the US.

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