Two Dog YouTube Videos That Took Over Social Media This Week [Watch]

Dog Videos on YouTube

Move on over cats, YouTube got hit with two dog videos that went viral immediately. You may have seen them clogging up your feeds on all possible social media accounts. Clogging sounds negative, but these two videos will hear you hard in the feels. Straight punch to the heart.

1. Eisleigh & Clyde

Maybe you’ve seen something like “cute puppy jumps on baby and falls asleep #cute” or “pitbull puppy hops on baby to nap.” The original video has only gained just over a million views, but with all the replicas floating around the internet and local news stations.. this video has gained so much social media traction. Only published on July 23, the description states: 10 week old baby Eisleigh, and 8 week old Pitbull puppy Clyde have a fascinating relationship. They absolutely adore one another! To see more of these two, follow Brandileigh080 on Instagram.”

2. Dog passes out from overwhelming joy

Here come the water works. This video has hit viral websites like Buzzfeed with no hesitation. The schnauzer, Casey, is finally reunited with her owner, Rebecca, after 2 years of being apart. Rebecca was living and working in Slovenia and Casey stayed in Pennsylvania for 14 dog years. The dog’s squealing will just rip up your insides in the best way. Casey becomes so overjoyed that she passes out for a few seconds, regains consciousness, and continues the love.

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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