Twitter’s New Three Column Design Is Striking, Familiar

Twitter is rolling out a new design

We told you before that Twitter was testing a new design. Now we are starting to see the fruits of that labor as they have officially announced it on their blog and are officially bringing it to every Twitter user, eventually.

I’m not the first to say it looks a lot like Facebook and I probably won’t be the last either. The new design looks a lot like the social network, with profile information and a shared follower list on the left and suggestions on who to follow and trending information on the right. The tweetwall remains in the center, although it is now capped up top with basic user information (followers, following, number of tweets).

Regardless of its resemblance to Facebook, the new Twitter looks more like a full fledged social network rather than a mobile experience awkwardly expanded for desktops. Beyond the three-column design, a few new features are being added as well.

The pinned tweets that have been available for select users will soon be available to everyone. Each user will have one pinned tweet that is selectable and will stay at the top of their feed, giving first time visitors an idea of what to expect. Twitter will also be increasing the size of tweets with higher engagement, making them easier to spot. Searching through someone’s tweets will also be a bit easier, users will be able to search through feeds while filtering by just tweets, just tweets and photos or tweets and replies.

The profile went live for selected users today, people signing up for Twitter for the first time will also get it. The rest of us will have to wait for Twitter to roll out the update to us, which they say will be in the “coming weeks.”

[Photo Credit: Twitter]



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