Twitter Refuses To Verify Ana Gasteyer Account

Poor Ana Gasteyer, despite starring on Saturday Night Live and Suburgatory she simply can’t catch a break from the folks at Twitter. The SNL star has been trying since August to get her account verified and Twitter simply won’t do it.

News of her failing Twitter battle started on Tuesday when Max Read of Gawker called her to find out why she was fighting so hard for Twitter validation to which she responded:

“I wouldn’t call it an imbroglio,” she said. “It’s a personal quest for validation.”

At this time she has more than 17,000 Twitter followers and she says that it’s been hard to convince them that she’s really her. Joking about the situation she noted:

“I’m so good at impersonating myself I’ve reached an entirely new level of acting,” she says. “It’s like Meryl Streep.”

She says that because she doesn’t have a website or other information to verify her account Twitter keeps allowing her to get “cock blocked.”

Eventually she sent the following email:


Ana Gasteyer here. People to whom I am not related know me as an actress and comedian, as well as one of the parties responsible for bringing Schweddy Balls and others into the lexicon. Occasionally, my followers inquire/question my legitimacy. How would I go about confirming my identity in order to get verified? I don’t have a website as I’m not a company in the traditional sense. Hoping you’ll have some handy help —



While she didn’t receive a response a fake account that supposedly belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng was verified.

Now Gasteyer has launched an assault on Twitter verification with the help of her Suburgatory costars.

Come on Twitter give Mrs. Schweddy Balls the verification she so much deserves.



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