Twitter Can’t Get Over a Bear Getting Curious about a Car

When the internet watches a bear do something, it can be a good thing. Why? Because when bears get fiercely curious about things, the internet sits up to take notice — and a collective “d’aaaaw” is heard all over the planet.

A black bear was spotted attempting to break into parked cars at Tylerville Elementary School in Gainesville, Virginia. (Had they heard from their Russian cousin enjoying rides, we wonder?) This, however, hasn’t been the first time these big, furry balls of muscle and wilderness decided to poke around carparks.

School officials sent parents a letter advising them of bear sightings. Twitter, however, needed no advisory and promptly got on this bear’s exploits.

Someone actually tweeted that this could be the start of a pattern that Harambe set off. (Sorry; that might have been too soon.)

Or, y’know, maybe he’s just struggling like the rest of us humans.

The (bear) struggle is real.

Or maybe they need to pay bills just like the rest of us?

There’s also bear fan art — awesome bear fan art, worthy of a Sharknado spinoff.

Someone has a morbidly efficient solution for frustrated teachers.

But really, perhaps that bear just wants to goods.


Feature image courtesy of werner22brigitte
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