Twitter Announces First Ever Twitter Fiction Festival

Twitter Will Host First Ever Twitter Fiction Festival

Twitter has announced that it will hold the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival, which will start on November 28 and runs for five days.

The microblogging site has already helped change the way that we communicate, and has proved to be a place where people talk about things like the presidential debates. Now, however, the site is promoting writing creativity, based on the hashtag #twitterfiction.

In their announcement of the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival, the microblogging site wrote:

Twitter is a place to tell stories. Often those stories are about news, or politics, or perhaps sports or music, but it turns out Twitter is a great place for telling fictional stories, too. As one professor from Michigan State University says, ‘Tweeting can be thought of as a new literary practice.’ We want to celebrate that.”

The festival will be a “virtual storytelling celebration held entirely on Twitter.” It will feature creative experiments in storytelling, which will include authors from around the world.

Twitter has already hosted “experiments in fiction,” which include Jennifer Egan’s Black Box, Teju Cole’s Small Fates, and Dan Sinker’s @mayoremanuel.

In their submission form, the microblogging site states that they are looking for “new, creative, exciting ideas that will push the bounds of how we tell stories on Twitter.” Want to participate in the first ever Twitter Fiction Festival? If so, you can submit your proposal here by November 15.



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