Twitter Employee Live-Tweets Her Child’s Birth

Twitter Employee Live Tweets Childs Birth For The World To See

Twitter employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz takes her job very serious. How serious? She used her employers micro-blogging platform to live-tweet the birth of her child. On Saturday morning Diaz-Ortiz live-tweeted that she was going into #Labor and then the tweets kept on coming.

The live tweeting for her birth started the moment she went into labor and continued after the birth of her daughter was finalized.

The tweets were sent out by her official account @Claire on Twitter and a short time later they were verified as real.

Live Tweeting a Birth - Twitter EmployeeThe birth may have gone off without a hitch but part of the story plays out like something from a TV series:

Twitter Employee Live Tweets BirthThe live tweets were not just about delivering the baby. Claire Diaz-Ortiz also laments about forgetting her copy of US Weekly and wonders how she forgot to bring chocolate into the delivery room.

At one point Twitter users begin to ask questions and Claire offered this response:

Naming Baby - Twitter Live Tweet Birth

As with any successful live tweet experience it had to come to an end. Here is the final result:

So there you have it, little Lucía Paz Díaz-Ortiz was welcomed into the world with love from her parents, and a whole bunch of retweets.

I vote that someone in Twitter’s HR department give this dedicated employee a raise.





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